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Miracle Grower!

Look, if you’re expecting something to grow fast, go find something else for your hopes. This product does take time, BUT it does it the right way! My beard looks so much fuller than 2 years ago. I use it about 2-3 a day, and within a month, there was a difference. I never wanted to take those pills that claim they work. If they do, cool, but I am NOT putting strange-looking pills in my system. THIS IS THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN BEARD GROWTH. Take this tremendous opportunity. I’m glad I did!

Just received my order.


Over 4 months and getting better growth.

stuff is legit. I use it a couple times a day and seeing improvements. pics are about 1 month apart. but I did use this for about 4 months before I got a boost.

I'm happy to receive my order today

This feeling is great when I got my ordered receive today cus few days a go I wrote here bout how bad I felt not be able to get my complete ordered thought was scam or something but this is real I'm starting to use the product today wainting fornresult in few week I will repost if the result thank real people

Works, but use every day!

I just followed the instruction and used nothing else except for I trying to keep my life more stress free. The product is very good. I mean it has all the hair growth ingredients you would want in a natural-based product. It is brilliant that it is all in one bottle. so my hair was thinning for years. tried a few products . most were sticky or just weird to use. Finally found this on google. Used it now for about 3+ months and my hair on my crown area is looking great. no balding spot showing any more! i still have a bit of a receding hair line. but I know that takes time. might try the regrow serum if I need to, but its more expensive. Note: your not going to have any weird smell when using this and it doesn't stain your pillow yellow like some of the other stuff out there. If your serious, try at least a 3 pack because i don't think 1 bottle is enough to give it a real chance. I post photos... 1 week, 4 weeks, 12 weeks... more to come...... *

Excellent for Beard Growth

This has been my 5th order so I thought I'd write a review. I never could grow a 'real beard'. just a thin looking mustache at best. anytime i tried to grow it out i looked just kinda stupid. Using this serum has definitely made some major changes. It did take a few months for me, but new facial hair started to appear and now is getting thicker. Some of the benefits of this serum is that you just rub it on your face a few times a day. it feels good and not sticky or oily. my face actually feels fresher after using. and thats it. super easy. no smell. and you can go on with your day. you don't need a lot just a pump or two otherwise you'll probably use up the bottle quickly. It bottle is glass, but i've dropped it without breaking. the pump works well. honestly takes like 5 seconds to use. My gf says the ingredients are good for the skin too which is a plus. Great product and I recommend using daily for a few months minimum to see good results *

First time user.

cool. arrived today can't wait to use

Best Hair loss products for men

These are the only natural products designed specifically for men with hair loss. they are well engineered and work. I recommend using this system instead of buying individual products because you WILL GET RESULTS. Its super simple to use and VERY GOOD FOR HAIR. most likely your using some crapy products made in china that are destroying your hair. These are made in California with really chemists using natural bioactive and vitamins for hair. Ingredients have been researched and clinical test have been made. Im just saying this because I have tried a lot of products that have been underwhelming. the Biotopic system really did work for me. I went from very thing hair to back to how I was in my 20's. incredible. I wasn't lazy using the products. you have to STICK WITH IT. As long as you like to shower, this should be EASY as nothing takes long to apply. Im using this system for over a YEAR now and I have to say the changes are night and day. I even feel more confident now. People notice how your hair looks thicker too. Its like they noticed your hair was thin, but never said anything, and then when your hair is thick they all bring it up and how much better you look! Girls even give an excuse to put their hands through my hair. I mean, its been life changing in a way. So- stick with it, enjoy the program. don't stress , everything will work out as long as you don't quit after the first couple weeks. The ingredients are natural but POWERFUL and will help you. Good Luck! *

Im a new man

im not joking. I feel great after using these. hair is much healthier looking and thicker. I ready these are very high quality and they are! worth every penny!

system is the best

I used to buy the products individually so I'm glad they offer the system. much better deal and really the most effective route to take for hair loss.

works for me.

I don't know how long this has been around, but its good and I my friends notice my hair looks way better

beast mode

took this photo at the barber shop. all that shorter hair along the check. yep. thank you biotopic

thanks, Very good

I ordered the system of 4 products. They are all very high quality. (not cheap ingredients) i shampoo and condition which right away makes my hair feel thicker and then use this follicle plus 27 which is my favorite part. the Serum is good too. I apply it to my temple area where hair had been receding. I hated rogaine. hated it so much. hair stunk and I shedded everywhere. . this stuff is clean and gave me some major improvements over the summer and even growing my hair out longer now. in my opinion this is worth it's weight in gold.

Best natural products for hair growth

super awesome stuff.

getting hair growth back

this is my second month. I am getting more growth and thinning hair looks so much better. excited to keep using


holy cow did I see a change. amazing guys! thx

I check this out, very good

I ready all the ingredients. really good product. It does make your hair feel thicker pretty fast. I'm noticing my receding hair line its looking thicker. pretty cool indeed.

Was leaving country and arrived fast

good service

Got my bottle today

Just got my bottle today. Hopefully I get some good results

Getting the beard finally

I think the Pea sprout extract is the secret weapon in this Beard serum. See this link I researched:

Also this isn't to oily and helps keep skin from itching. Really Good stuff. Highly recommend if you need it.

Received them

Excellent products. thanks again *

Made my hair feel thicker in the first couple uses

A little goes a long way, it lathers really well, smells wonderful and hair feels very healthy afterwards *


So far so good, I like the smell it leaves in my hair.

Great improvement to my hair in just a few months

the difference is night and day. hair feels so much thicker. I just stuck with the program. wasn't a big deal. some days I didn't use the products but it seems to work out anyways. you can't see any balding in the back of my head any more so id say its a good investment.

Pending Results

I am quite impressed with this product. I have not noticed new hair growth yet, but it is certainly thickening my hair! *


Loved it! It really did stop my hair loss. I truly believe it is helping with thickness and volume. Friends and family have noticed a difference. I also don't use any conditioner and my hair isn't dry or wirey. I use it every 2 to 3 days. *

This shampoo absolutely lives up to the hype.

This shampoo simply works miracles! Purchased this along with the other ones. No harsh chemicals, scent is pleasant, and it seems to have a positive effect on my scalp and hair. My hair finally feels so much more healthier.

TIP: Use as directed, follow instructions and the results will follow. *

love it- thanks

I have been using this shampoo for about 2 weeks now and absolutely LOVE it!! I've been using natural and sulfate free shampoos for the last 2 years and this is by far the best. Most other natural shampoos leave my hair feeling brittle or dry (and conditioner is a must!) but this shampoo makes my hair feel super soft! The smell is pleasant as well. I've also been losing less hair in the shower and less hair when I brush it. A year ago I had started losing more hair than normal and developed thinning hair patches due to stress-Just a heads up, this shampoo bottle is a bit thicker than normal shampoos, but I don't mind since it's a great product!

good service

I love how the shampoo is a great moisturizer. I also I like how they care for their customers.

good job

Bought this as a present for my friend because of his constant hair loss complaint and it seems to have done a good job

Made a lot of changes in my hair thickness. This is the best I can suggest for hair loss

Just received my 6th order and i thought id give . review. Ive been having a receding hair line and thinning on the back of my scalp. this has been going on since i was probably 20. 10 years later I finally decided to see if i can change this. I tried rogain for about a year. I had TONS of shedding, hair falling out and started to look balder! I never really saw any benefits. no new hair coming in, not thicker hair. I contacted the company and they said its not for everyone. So then i tried propecia and had to be really striked bout taking the pills. It might help slow thinning IDK. But i couldnt get it up. it totaly devastated my sex life. Sucked. It took me like a year to get my libido back. I thought I way rather be bald than not have sex. ha. So after a year, and getting way more bald thand before starting any of these products I thought id try a more natural approach. First i washed my hair with apple cider vinegar, and it Stunk. then I used jojoba oil and my hair was way too sticky. I tried taking biotin and saw palmetto and it was helping but i hated swallowing vitamins every day. Then biotopic came along after searching for cures on google and it looked promising. So its been about 6 months using the Follicle plus 27 spray. The pros: at first i didnt notice much but hair did feel softer after just a few uses. after a few weeks hair does start to feel thicker when i rub my hand through it. So i stuck with it. after a few months i am noticing small hairs at my temples and the thinning' balding area on the back of my crown less noticable. Now at 6 months it looks way better. not embarrassed by it at all. My girlfriend said it looks much better too, she actually wants to use it. the receding hair line hasnt gone back any further. so thats a plus. Im going to try the Serum they have for this and ill right back in a few months or so.

Super good formula

this is. the only product I trust. made in California and super all natural. I can't believe how much better this shampoo is than the stuff you get in the stores. really help with the thickness of my hair. even without the caffeine I would buy, but the caffeine is key ingredient now with hair growth shampoos. this bottle lasts a long time. very thick and rich formula. thanks again!

5 stars

Great shampoo. Seems to help thicken my hair as well as leaves a refreshing feeling

this is working . thanks

This is my favorite product of the group. I keep ordering since its good for the receding hairline area and its been noticeably improving .

this shampoo is wonderful. I see a huge improvement from my hair loss

Wow, this shampoo is wonderful. I see a huge improvement from my hair loss and it seams to be stimulating and encouraging new hair after using it for a few weeks, I was looking for a caffeine shampoo for a while and I was hearing a lot of good stuff about this one. Smells great too.

I have baby fine long hair and this does help

I definitely feel this shampoo has made a difference, smells great , definitely recommended as this air such a good shampoo. ingredients are natural and actually a lot of organic ingredients too. impressed. *

good shampoo

I love this hair loss shampoo as it has good smell and very nice and soft feeling on the head. It is a high quality product and great texture. I still need to use it some more time but the initial results are promising. Highly recommend!

Biotin caffeine shampoo is working for me!

I was hearing alot of talk about this. i have terrible hair loss so i gave this one a try and I highly recommend it. I see a huge improvement and much less hair loss with new hair growing in on my hairline... I will update, but this shampoo seams really good as of now. *

Five Stars

Overall best so far for shampoo using caffeine. I think it leaves hair in better condition than others *

nice shampoo

Been using for little over a month. Best results I have seen from any caffeine shampoo so far (I've used several). See new growth and hair feels great after shampoo. Smells goods too. Will not hesitate to re-order.

arrived on time

I liked everything

yes-thicker hair

I could find anything else like this for men, So I gave it a shot. very good products. I use them all, I did run out of serum quickly. maybe I used too much each time, so I recommend just a few drops where you need it most.

products work together

use them together. don't just use one or 2. your get much faster results

totally sold on these

working great. hair is totally rejuvenated and thicker. so happy thank you!!!!!

not bad if you are just having thinning hair

Does this work? yes- but you can't be totally bald. you have to have some hair follicles to see improvements. otherwise shave your head.

seems good

thanks. arrived


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